Saturday, February 18, 2006

'Man hands on misery to man'

What a fantastically uplifting week its been...what with the
British Army abusing Iraqis, the American Army abusing Iraqis, the Iraqi Army abusing Iraqis, and well...even Birds abusing Iraqis, Im left wondering; Jesus, you ever get the feeling this land is cursed?

Regarding the British Army abuse, the article linked above being "Blair promises Iraq 'abuse' probe". Well..I'm just gonna have to go right ahead trust you there Tone.I mean..surely a politician of such high status would'nt lie to the general public..would he? Not only will I put my trust in you, Tone, to 'probe' as promised, but Im more than sure that you will bring the perpetrators to rightful justice...right?

Regarding the American Army seems that the American government is downplaying it, regarding it as photos of an old issue, and as condemned the Austrialian media for showing the new photos. Somehow I wonder had these photos never come to light, would we all have ever known about the abuses and what was happening in Iraq?

Dont even get me started on the 'Death Squads'. Seriously. Although, it does seem that the Iraqi Army/ Police Squads seem to be grasping the notion of Democracy rather well; what with rounding people up without trial, imprisioning and torture, it somehow feels as if Guantanamo isnt really a million miles away.All we need now are those trendy orange jump suits.

To me the perfect solution seems to be to build more detention camps and prisons in which the ugliest crimes can be freely practised so that the Iraqis can be taught a really good lesson of old fashioned democracy.

If this is what democracy is, then Let Freedom Reign.

Whats strange is that, we are probably not even seeing 5% of what is actually happening in Iraq (bar the Bird Abuse). Only question Im left with personally I really want to know what else is happening?

On a lighter note, this week I finally found the key to my long lost quest; my struggle for truth, a puzzle which has been plaguing me for many a year; why do men have nipples? Well, as I was waiting to meet a friend for coffee (even though I dont actually drink coffee), I decided to waste time in Waterstones Bookshop, and well, I came across a book actually called Why Do Men Have Nipples? Now I realise to the common reader, or the common eye, this may seem trivial.I assure you it is not.To me, it felt as if my fate, had led me to the holy grail, and there, clasped within my hands, was both my saviour, and everything that would destroy me.Aaaaaaanyhhoooooo, its apparently a book much like a 101 questions you wanted to ask your doctor but were too afriad to ask...and well, yay, now I feel like my lifes work is complete.

Oh yah, men have nipples because apparently back when we were sperms mixing with the egg, we all start out as females and then only later the chromosome things mix and woopydoodle we develop a shlong(yes, I know, my science sucks, and the explanation I gave is a condensed and probably somehow mixed up version..but hey, it works, so Im happy :D). Which by the way I found to be rather interesting...we all started out as women huh....hmmm...could always manage to somehow use that in an argument...must....remember..that..point...

This post was bought to you with the help of Manu Chao - 5 Razones, and the colour Purple.
"The miserable have no other medicine but hope."
-Friedrich Nietzsche

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