Monday, February 6, 2006


My 24 hours are up and over, and as always, I have missed my deadline :$

Times have been strange of late...not so strange as to be questioning ones life...or friends or surroundings...those contemplative days are far gone...the self searching and life questioning seem so far away now ( a point to make - how surreal it is, to acknowledge the steps forward made...almost comparable to an out of body experience...realising where you were...where you are..and where you might be) strangeness has..more so arisen from open feverent possibilties...

Today, whilst I was meant to be programming my dissertation (which also interestingly enough is my supposed future business venture which will catapult me into the Times Rich List (Forbes if your reading this from the States) - at this point I should probably point out that I have no absolute knowledge of how to program, nor the language I'm 'programming' in (ASP.NET should any of you be interested out there and want to lend a very welcome heling hand ;) ) so, the mind wander was in essnce inevitable...anyhow I digress), I came across the thought, a reccuring one, which has plagued me for many a year now...

Combining topics of open possibilities, fate, and time travel (laugh now, but one day we WILL be able to go back in time and relive days when Fonzy was cool, and it was hip to listen to Vanilla Ice :$ )...leading on from the that, the idea of parrallel, not like mallory quin (or is it Quinn Mallory?) from Sliders...but...more so..well...lets have a diagram to help us out :)


so A and B above represent your entire point A your born...and..point inevitably die (queue funeral march music, in my case it might well be MC Hammers Cant Touch This..hahah what a laugh that would be...oh what a crying shame I wont be able to make my own funeral =( ... diddum) my contemplation any point between A and B, you make a 1001 independent choices....some you make with your full mind and knowledge..some you make and you have no idea why...and can blame those on fate...and so..under those three turning point conscious/subconscious/out of your hand decisions made......should they have been made differently...then...well..your life obviously takes a different miss the train to work, your late..etc....thats a given...though my point of thought today is...should you undertake those different you(in the parrallel worlds) in essence end up experiencing the same things that you experienced in the defaulf A--B world? as in..essentially...when its written that something will happen, will it happen nonethe less? the thoughts today were just of how much will power we hold over our own in..we know that A and B are a must (your born, and you die) much of the inbetween, is controlled by choice, and fate? and either of the two..if you make different choice..would other experiences happen anyway, nonetheless, because they just were?

Anyhow...I am ranting..and its comming up to 04:30 ...feel free to post thoughts...

This post was bought to with the help of The Truth - Handomse Boy Modelling School with Roison of Moloko and J-Live, and the colour Red.

When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.
-I Corinthians (ch. XIII, v. 11)

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